Shade cards are like a mirror to a product. A consumer does not essentially use and test the actual product before purchasing it. But by looking at the shade card he has an idea about the quality and performance of the product. Hence if the quality of shades in the shade card catch the eye of the consumer, the consumer will surely give it a chance. A shade card can prove the success or failure of the entire manufacturing company. Therefore a shade card is the reflection of the actual . As we know, what is the importance of a shade card to a product, we make sure that the best quality is delivered at the best price for the rapid upliftment of the product.

At Patni Art Linkers, we implement the latest technology to date which is indeed the best known in the world and with efficiency. In-fact the latest technology keeps on upgrading itself as a mean of reducing the cost price of shade cards and producing un-beatable quality. As a result of this Intention in the spirit, Patni Art Linkers is undoubtedly India's number 1 shade card manufacturing Company.Patni Art Linkers proudly represents itself as the producers of shade cards for over 2000 companies worldwide and growing....

Mr. Satish Kumar Patni (proprieter) holds the reputed position of The head of art and publication in One of the biggest organisations of paints and allied products' industry, the Indian Small Scale Paints Association (ISSPA). The organisation has awarded him numerous times for his contribution and dedication towards the industry. If you are related to the paints industry directly/indirectly, and wish to connect with this organisation which surely is a shake hand to the entire industry, please contact Patni Art Linkers.

As the result of his utmost dedication and his un-secondary experience and knowledge, Patni Art Linkers today is undoubtedly India's number 1 shade cards manufacturing company.

Where it all Began...

It all initiated under one roof by Mr. Satish Kumar Patni in the year 1998 when he started the all new era of printing quality color cards/shade cards with his sheer knowledge and years of experience. He started an all new technique of printing of shade cards that promised quality with perfection.With the use of then known best technique in the world which is infact the best technique till date, the unmatched quality of shade cards produced by Patni Art Linkers attracted the entire paint industry at a glance.

And as they say Rome wasn't built in a day, Patni Art Linkers gradually became the new definition of perfection in shade cards' regard.

Client Testimonials

Designs created by you are always admired by everybody in my office.

Mr. Dharmendar, Tata pigments.

It's been ever working with patni art linkers and i don't remember facing any kind of problem of any kind, whatsoever.

Mr. Krishna Prashad, Jhonson Paints.